Media Policy
Photos and videos for internal, celebratory, and promotional purposes are taken during lessons and events at Tara Mock Piano Studio. Places where photos or videos may be shared include a studio newsletter, website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram Page, and in teacher professional development (workshops, certifications, etc.). The purpose of sharing photos and videos is to use these avenues celebrate student successes and performances, educate students and parents about music study, and to always improve as piano teachers. A student's grade may be included periodically to show the various types of activities possible and available for a wide range of students.

Note: I do not share last names on social media. 

Groups photos are often taken at recitals. The parent is responsible for ensuring their student is NOT in the photo if opting to not have any images of your student shared. I WILL post the group photo regardless of who is in it. It can be difficult to gather everyone for a group photo then have to single out a student or two to please step out. These can be awkward and hurtful moments. Please also understand that I do not have any control over what photos other family members and friends who attend the recital may share on social media.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Thank you!